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Inspiration is Reason to Celebrate

Space 57, Boston MA Charlie is an inspiring young man who comes from such an incredibly loving and supportive family. His mitzvah was a true representation of the fine young man he has become with a celebration of equal magnitude for all that are near and dear to this incredible family. Charlie & Family: We are honored to have been witness to such an important part of your life and equally as thrilled to be chosen to preserve this day for you. Charlie you did an amazing job leading the ceremony and inspired us in so many ways. Thank you for trusting and sharing this day with us. We wish you continued greatness in every step of the way through life's journey. Mazel Tov! -All of us at Boston Mitzvah Films Event Planning: Twist Events Photography: Gigi De Manio Location: Space 57 Lighting : Port Lighting

Brenna's Mitzvah Celebration

Space 57, Boston MA This day was truly a testament to the love and values that makes Brenna and her family so special. From her incredibly mature and moving haftorah at Temple Emanuel to the endless celebration at Space 57, Brenna embraced every moment and person sharing her incredible passion for life. Brenna & Family: We have no doubt that you will continue to experience and share the many wonderful lessons and experiences that life has to offer you. Mazel Tov! -All of us at Boston Mitzvah Films Thank You! to all the amazing people we had the honor of working with: Event Planning & Design- Janie Haas Events Venue - Space 57 (@ Revere Hotel, Boston) Photography - Michael Cerizo Entertainment - Northern Lights Entertainment

Sammi's Mitzvah Celebration

The Four Seasons Hotel, Boston MA Sammi was born into a family that recognizes what is most important in life. They know that true pleasure comes from balancing personal enjoyment with helping others in need. In traditional family spirit she requested that her guests arrive with gifts for something very near and dear to her heart, The MSPCA. In return, thanks to the genius of their long time family friend, Bryan Rafanelli and team she would give them the opportunity to find "A Golden Ticket." To The Cutler Family: Through your dedication to wonderful causes and helping so many others we have admired you deeply over the years. Being there to see you celebrate this Mitzvah, set up in the round to be surrounded by all those who care deeply for you, brought incredible joy to us. Thank you for trusting us with this incredible honor. Congratulations, and Mozel Tov! A special thanks to all the incredible and dear friends we had the honor of working with for this amazing